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katy klassman

Katy started mixing pigments at a young age for her Grandmother, Dorothy, who was a porcelain painter.

Dorothy Klassman's Paintbox

She studied History of Art and Fine Art at Skidmore College, is a Docent at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., and continues to study art history, color and pigments to create materials for her work.

Drawn on paper with pencil, pastels, and painted with handmade mineral watercolors, Katy creates small, fantastical landscapes. They are meant to speak to the myriad of colors that come from the earth and honor the alchemical tradition.

An office supply and stationery enthusiast, she also creates tools for the study: folios, stationery, calling cards, stickers and washi tape.

Katy is the co-owner of Upstairs on 7th, a concept boutique in Washington, DC.

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