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through the noise, comes the hush...and a bookshop

It seems like decades have passed since I started working on getting this site ready to be birthed. I am almost there. Any day now I will let people in on this secret of mine.

So much has changed in the world since last December when I started to work on it. We are perhaps living in the noisiest time in history. Almost everyone has something to say and there are endless platforms to say it on. This feels deafening sometimes and I have continued to seek out quiet spaces to drown out the cacophony and all of the ambiguity that accompanies it..

Books have been one of my primary means of escape this year (much like the 40+ years before this one). While all zero of you wait for the site to launch, I thought it might be nice to share some of my old favorite titles and some new ones, too. By shopping through my great hush bookshop, you'll also be supporting local bookshops to help get them through the holidays.

I hope some of the titles I've selected offer you some space in your days to find silent places in your mind to contemplate colors and words.

You can find the start of my little bookshop here:

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