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Made in the UK by husband and wife Pip Seymour and Rebecca Wallace-Jones, this eight piece set of Dry Pigments has been hand-selected to offer a variety of exquisite colors that are based on Dorothy's painting.


Both artists, Pip and Rebecca, have created an extensive range of artists' materials that give reverence to traditional methods while embracing the benefit of modern techniques and advances. Using the highest quality raw materials, binders and pigments, their paints and drawing materials are a treasure for any artists' palette.


This set can be used to make watercolors, oil paint, pastels and more and is a wonderful way to explore crafting your own artists' supplies. To start you on your way, the set will arrive with eight empty whole pans and a recipe for making your own watercolor paints. 


Colors included in this set:

Lead White hue, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Permanent Red Light, Velvet Rose, Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Green #2, Sap Green and Ivory Black.


They will arrive to you in 10ml glass vials in a small cardboard box.

Wallace Seymour 8-piece Pigment Set

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